Glama Gal Tween Spa Is Opening Up Shop In … #GGBlueMtn



I am SO excited to share this news with y’all I really can’t contain my excitement. Glama Gal Tween Spa is expanding and opening up a brand spanking new spa in one of my most favourite places …. BLUE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE!

This is such exciting news for my friends north of Toronto who now can have their very own spa to take their daughters to where they help girls grow and nurture healthy self-esteem through their welcoming, warm and fun Glama Gal environment. They will be opening up this new Glam-ourus spa in July and the Glama Gal Boutique in the Village will offer an awesome tailored version of their most popular features from their eight other locations.

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The Best, Most Delicious Italian Angeletti Cookies Recipe Ever!

Angeletti Cookies Recipe


I am far from the cookie monster in our home, for that matter if you take a poll every one will name Steve (my better half) as the #1 cookie monster … well for that matter we will just say any baked good is NOT safe if he gets the scent of freshly baked treats!

I will admit that if I come across these cookies at a party or if I bake a batch myself there is no sharing happening! I turn into that big, blue, greedy cookie monster and devour them all. Sometimes I make noise, sometimes I am quietly munching!

All joking aside these Italian Angeletti cookies are to-die-for! They are soft like a cake and topped with a super easy icing and some sprinkles or coloured sugar if you’d like!

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Oral Health Is A Big Deal, Protect Your Family’s Smile #ProtectUrSmile

Oral Health

As a mom to three I tend to be the one who deals with my children’s overall health and well-being. I am at the front lines when they get hurt, like that time I spent 10 hours in the emergency at Sick Kids when Hailee split her chin open swinging between chairs after she was told not to. Or the time Abby collapsed at school and had emergency surgery for septic arthritis in her hip, I slept beside her hospital bed for days while she recovered and learned to walk again. Let’s not forget sweet Bella and her early arrival that had me going back and forth to the NICU for 18 days until she was well enough to come home. As parents we are responsible for our family’s health.

Our family’s overall health also includes the very important maintenance of our oral health with regular dental visits, teaching my children how to brush and floss properly and of course smelling their breath daily when I don’t believe they have brushed their teeth. Bella is too little right now to brush her own teeth so that is my job; to ensure her 4 little teeth are well cared for.

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Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream: 28 Days Of Use Update


28 days ago I told you about the amazing new product I had been using, Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream and how impressed I was with the results I had after even the first night and within the first 7 days of use.

I will admit I may have been too tired a night or two totally skipping any routine due to falling asleep on the couch watching some of my true crime shows and waking up at 3am however it didn’t hinder the results I am continuing to see. It has visibly reduced signs of fatigue, which for me is a huge selling point. As mentioned in my vlog I always look tired due to dark circles around my eyes. I have noticed a great improvement in the wrinkles I do have around my eyes even though I am 30 something years young I do have fine lines and wrinkles starting to creep up on me and this has helped with that. Overall it really has rejuvenated my skin, I honestly can’t remember a time where I actually went out of the house or took a picture like the one below without any makeup on and wasn’t self-conscious before using this product. I absolutely love the results and feel so great about my skin for the very first time in a very long time!

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SmartSource Canada Coupon Insert Preview – March 28, 2015


SmartSource Canada_1

It is a coupon insert weekend and here is the preview of what coupons will be in the SmartSource Canada Coupon Insert this week and in your local store bought papers on Saturday March 28, 2015.

You may also get this in your flyers and some free press papers also include the insert.

Click here to view a full list of the 2015 Coupon Insert Schedule.

To view all of the coupon preview images of this insert simply click on the numbers below!

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Target Canada Announces The Next 30 Stores Set To Close By April 1, 2015

target canada


Target Canada has just announced the next 30 stores that will be closing their doors between March 27th and April 1st – no April Fools joke here, the end is coming! I for one LOVED Target for many reasons and really do hope the US Target website opens up shipping to Canada because I seriously don’t know what I am going to do without their modern home decor, amazing quality of clothing and shoes and their uber cute and funky party decor!

Right now Target Canada is advertising liquidation sales with discounts between 40% and 60% off. However a Target Canada store manager told CBC news that the latest locations slated to close will be offering different discounts.”They are going to be more aggressive, but selection will likely be a lot less,” he said.

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Booster Juice ‘The Original’ Smoothie Copy Cat #Recipe

Booster Juice The Original Smoothie


I will be the first to admit I LOVE me some Booster Juice. When I lived in Toronto it was a tad harder for me to obtain one of their delicious smoothies as I didn’t have one near by. However when we moved to Richmond Hill I just happened to move right down the road for a Booster Juice. Now for a Booster Juice addict like myself that can be dangerous, after all a smoothie a day can put a BIG dent in this frugal mamma’s pocket book and I am not willing to give up needs for wants (sorry Booster Juice)! They are a special treat when I am out at the plaza, or shopping at the mall!

Thankfully I have been long making my own smoothie, long before Booster Juice came to town, that funny enough tastes exactly the same! They may have sent spies to steal my recipe LOL! No worries Booster Juice, I won’t hold it against you!

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Removing My Makeup Without Irritating My Skin, Is It Possible? #GarnierSensitive

Garnier Clean Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser

I’ve actually only ever tried one makeup remover in the past and it was not a nice outcome. Due to the fact I have super sensitive skin the one I did try irritated and dried out my skin. To be quite honest it also didn’t really remove my makeup at all!

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Marvel In Excitement With A Night Out At Medieval Times Toronto + Enter To Win

Medieval Times Toronto Spring Break

Medieval Times Toronto has an amazing promotion on now through April 5, 2015 where when you buy one general admission ticket you get the second FREE! My family absolutely loves going to Medieval Times for a special night out, we always have a blast!

On February 28th we ventured to the castle to marvel in the excitement of the show and chow down on some amazing food! Although there were plenty of little ones at the show we opted to have my mom watch over Bella and just take the two older girls since we were going to the 7:30pm show and it would run into Bella’s bedtime! I think next time we visit we will book the earlier show to take Bella with us as I am sure she too would love the show.

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Orange Is The New Black Is Back June 12, 2015 #oitnb #netflix

oitnb June 12

So the news has spread like wild fire, the very popular Netflix show, Orange Is The New Black, is back for another season of awesomeness starting June 12, 2015!

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