VarageSale is Expanding Again! Join A NEW Community & Earn $10 #VSReward

VarageSale Launch

A few months ago I introduced many of you to VarageSale. VarageSale is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell and connect with people from your local community. It is completely free to use and can be accessed from your computer and their mobile app on iOS/Android devices. I love having the app on my phone, I do a lot of my buying and selling from it.

VarageSale has been rapidly expanding in Canada and now has many new local communities within Toronto and the GTA. In the last few weeks, VarageSale has soft launched communities in: Toronto Downtown and Midtown, Toronto West End, Toronto East End, North York and Surrounding Areas, BramptonMississauga, and Hamilton.

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Lysol® Makes Cleaning Your Bathroom A Breeze #ToiletToTubClean

Lysol Makes Cleaning Your Bathroom A Breeze_main

Truth be told, I am not the cleaner in our home. Well, I am not the regular cleaner in our home! For the most part my partner does things like the dishes, sweeping, washing the floors and so on. My mother who lives in the basement apartment of our home also comes up and cleans — I have a pretty awesome mom! She will do things like dust, wax and vacuum. As for me, I have an obsession with my bathroom, it is the one room of the house I can’t let anyone else clean because I have to know I have cleaned that room from corner to corner. With all the germs that float around in a bathroom I can’t sleep at night if it hasn’t been cleaned to my satisfaction.

With that said, I have teen and a pre-teen daughters, who let’s put it nicely, are a tad messy in the bathroom. I can’t count how many days I go in after they have up and left for school to find toothpaste on my counter (and all in the sink), hair everywhere – did they transform into shedding dogs? and well some days it looks like a war zone with shrapnel everywhere!

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The Heart N’ Soul Of Bella’s Wardrobe + Giveaway & Discount Code

Heart N' Soul Kids Giveaway

As most of you know I LOVE to dress up Bella, I love even more to dress her up in funky, unique, and quality clothing that will outlast the playground and her crawling around. Yes, she is still not walking yet – hands-free that is!

When I heard of a new trendy, kick-ass kids clothing company called Heart N’ Soul Kids opening up (in my area) and online I was excited to say the least!

They stock the hottest, trendiest, high-end kids fashion brands such as Munster, Salt City Emporium, Tumble ‘N Dry, electrik kidz, nununu, mói, which are just a few of my personal faves, and so many more!

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Amazingly Delish Cookie Recipes

Amazingly Delish Cookie Recipes

Cookie Monster approved! Well, not the blue one on Sesame Street but the Cookie Monster that resides in my home. He is the only male besides Reggie in our home and we all know that cats can’t (or shouldn’t) eat cookies, nor can they talk! To say he was drooling as I was going over the recipes that I was going to include in this round-up is an understatement. He definitely let me know these are all on my to-bake list and he would be expecting something freshly made when he returns from work today!

I don’t know about you but I am not a huge store-bought, bagged cookie type of girl. I mean, there are a few I will indulge in, but I fully prefer the soft, chewy, oh-so-good, homemade kind of cookies!

Get your mixers ready and aprons on to bake some of these amazingly delish cookie recipes below.

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

Let’s start off this post with the truth, I am not as crafty as you all may think I am. Digitally I can create beautiful designs for my home, birthday invites, advertisements etc. However when it comes to leaving the digital world and getting my hands dirty sometimes I fail, sometimes things take me a while to get the hang of, but I keep at it and I have found that physically crafting things has become easier for me.

I fell in love with the idea of doing DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters for Bella’s nursery in colours that matched her custom bedding and other decor when I saw them while browsing on Etsy. However being frugal I knew I could make them much cheaper than the steep price many were charging on there.

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The Best Money Saving Apps You Need To Have

The Best Money Saving Apps

I love to save money and being frugal is just a way of life for me and my family. Saving money on our groceries, household cleaners, health & beauty and baby needs allows us to have money to splurge when we want to without feeling a financial pinch. It has also enabled me to grow a very nice savings account, should anything unexpected happen, we have some savings to fall on in a time of need.

Along with using coupons, price matching, meal planning and stocking up on items we use on a regular basis when they hit a rock bottom sale price, I love using rebate apps to save money! Very often I double my savings or make items I am picking up FREE just by using one or more of my rebate apps on my smartphone!

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Glama Gal Tween Spa Barrie Is Now Open + Grand Opening Giveaway #GGBarrie

Glama Gal Tween Spa Barrie

By now you should all know how much I love Glama Gal Tween Spa, my daughter Hailee and I are huge fans. I was very honored to become an Ambassador some time ago and I love sharing with you all the fun, exciting and amazing things going on at the Glama Gal Tween Spa’s, today is no different.

As an official Glambassador I am so happy to tell you that Glama Gal’s have expanded and opened up their 8th beautiful Glama Gal Tween Spa in the gorgeous Barrie, Ontario! They are already serving up some of the coolest spa birthday parties, like the one Hailee had at their Markham location a while back and the most delicious ice cream flavoured day spa packages.

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Read Anywhere: The New Kobo Glo HD Review + Giveaway #KoboGloHD

Kobo Glo HD Review_main

A book lover I am. From a very young age I loved reading, I can recall the book reading challenges in school and reading as many books as I could get my small hands on. As I grew my bookshelves grew, they were bursting from the seams with all my favourite authors and series. Now in my home my children are the ones with overflowing bookshelves, I normally donate my books once I read them in mom groups so my collection doesn’t overtake my home.

I have always been curious about eReaders but, to be totally honest, I thought I would miss the feel of a real book in my hands. Turning the pages, the smell, the excitement of heading to the bookstore to find a new read, I didn’t know if I could go without that.

Recently I was offered the chance to test drive the new Kobo Glo HD for 7 days and see what I thought about putting down my real books for an eReader. I will admit I was hesitant and didn’t think I would like it but I am a believer in giving things a chance so I decided to give an eReader a shot.

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Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites #MyKPBsnackbite

S'more Peanut Butter Snack Bites Please

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a delicious and super easy recipe I made with my daughters called S’more Peanut Butter Snack Bites Please! I love baking with my children, growing up I remember how much I loved baking with my mom and siblings. I want my children to be able to remember all the silly fun we had while baking when they are grown and baking with their children. My children enjoy helping measure out ingredients and mixing them all together. They also love sneaking bites of what we are making too!

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Surviving Your Daughter’s First Period With Help From Playtex #PlayOnCa

Playtex Mom Survival Guide_1

As a mother to three daughters it is completely inevitable that they are all going to become young women and get their period! I will admit, it is something I used to dread years ago when I would think of how I would talk to them about it and how they would react. To be honest all I could imagine happening was the scene from My Girl when Vada runs, screaming from the bathroom thinking she was dying! Oh the nightmares I have had over the years.

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