Glama Gal Tween Spa Barrie Is Now Open + Grand Opening Giveaway #GGBarrie

Glama Gal Tween Spa Barrie

By now you should all know how much I love Glama Gal Tween Spa, my daughter Hailee and I are huge fans. I was very honored to become an Ambassador some time ago and I love sharing with you all the fun, exciting and amazing things going on at the Glama Gal Tween Spa’s, today is no different.

As an official Glambassador I am so happy to tell you that Glama Gal’s have expanded and opened up their 8th beautiful Glama Gal Tween Spa in the gorgeous Barrie, Ontario! They are already serving up some of the coolest spa birthday parties, like the one Hailee had at their Markham location a while back and the most delicious ice cream flavoured day spa packages.

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Read Anywhere: The New Kobo Glo HD Review + Giveaway #KoboGloHD

Kobo Glo HD Review_main

A book lover I am. From a very young age I loved reading, I can recall the book reading challenges in school and reading as many books as I could get my small hands on. As I grew my bookshelves grew, they were bursting from the seams with all my favourite authors and series. Now in my home my children are the ones with overflowing bookshelves, I normally donate my books once I read them in mom groups so my collection doesn’t overtake my home.

I have always been curious about eReaders but, to be totally honest, I thought I would miss the feel of a real book in my hands. Turning the pages, the smell, the excitement of heading to the bookstore to find a new read, I didn’t know if I could go without that.

Recently I was offered the chance to test drive the new Kobo Glo HD for 7 days and see what I thought about putting down my real books for an eReader. I will admit I was hesitant and didn’t think I would like it but I am a believer in giving things a chance so I decided to give an eReader a shot.

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Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites #MyKPBsnackbite

S'more Peanut Butter Snack Bites Please

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a delicious and super easy recipe I made with my daughters called S’more Peanut Butter Snack Bites Please! I love baking with my children, growing up I remember how much I loved baking with my mom and siblings. I want my children to be able to remember all the silly fun we had while baking when they are grown and baking with their children. My children enjoy helping measure out ingredients and mixing them all together. They also love sneaking bites of what we are making too!

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Surviving Your Daughter’s First Period With Help From Playtex #PlayOnCa

Playtex Mom Survival Guide_1

As a mother to three daughters it is completely inevitable that they are all going to become young women and get their period! I will admit, it is something I used to dread years ago when I would think of how I would talk to them about it and how they would react. To be honest all I could imagine happening was the scene from My Girl when Vada runs, screaming from the bathroom thinking she was dying! Oh the nightmares I have had over the years.

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VarageSale Has Officially Launched In New Communities!


On behalf of VarageSale and their Chief Mom, Tami, I’m super excited to announce that VarageSale has launched in our communities, like Ajax, Scarborough, Newmarket and Vaughan! They are also already in many other communities so if you have stuff to sell or are looking for some gently used treasures you should definitely check them out!

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A Glama-rous Birthday Party #GlamaGals



I have two very different daughters, well I also have Bella but she is still little and I call all the shots with her. Abby, my almost 13 year old, YIKES I almost have a teenager, is very easy going, laid back and not-so-girly! Hailee, my 10 year old however is the complete polar opposite. She loves all things pink, girly, sparkly and glamorous! Ever since she was able to talk she requested nail polish, makeup, dresses and high heels! I can recall many mornings where she would be in complete meltdown mode because it was -30 degrees outside and I would not let her wear a dress to daycare or school. I would be lying if I said she has outgrown that, we still find her trying to sneak to school in summer dresses in the dead of winter!

I knew this year for her 10th birthday I wanted to do something special for her, I wanted to have a party that she and her little friends would rave about and remember for a long time. I considered many party ideas but nothing beat taking the girls for an amazing day of pampering at our local Glama Gal Tween Spa in Markham, Ontario.

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Feel Like a Million Bucks… Without Spending a Million Bucks


Tired of furnishing your home with the same old stuff? Want to surprise your kids with that toy they’ve been dreaming of? Wish your wardrobe made you feel like a million bucks?

Then you’re in luck! The best buy and sell experience out there is now in a neighborhood near you.

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Burst Into Spring With Shoppers Drug Mart


Spring is coming I promise! Here in Ontario we were blessed with some gorgeous weather not so long ago. However it only lasted for a few days before it turned back into winter with cold winds, hail and even snow. It may be hard to believe but I really do promise the nice spring weather is on its way. Shoppers Drug Mart has everything you need to take care of yourself and the family this spring season with a broad selection of everyday, unique and exclusive products!

I headed to my local Shoppers Drug Mart recently to check out their Burst Into Spring products and am excited to share a few of them with you!

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Win A Trip To Ottawa In The Team Up For Chicken Contest #TeamCdnChicken


Canada Day around here is normally celebrated with a backyard BBQ where we get to grilling up some delicious chicken, the kids running wild, some delicious beverages and topped off with some amazing fireworks!

How absolutely awesome would it be to celebrate Canada Day in our nations capital? I know my family would totally love to visit Ottawa and celebrate Canada’s birthday! Well Chicken Farmers of Canada are going to make that happen for one very lucky Canadian family this year.

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Spring Cleaning With VarageSale!


Spring is in the air — pollen and all. And spring means spring cleaning.

Did you know? Thousands of buyers will come to VarageSale for a 48 Hour Preview Sale on May 5th at 7 pm. Post your items now to make some extra cash during the buyer rush.

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