Camp & Cabin by Snugabye – Onesies For The Big Kid At Heart #CampAndCabinCozy


I am going to admit something to you all, it may not come as a surprise to some but I live in pajamas. I mean come on, I work from home and am a mom of 3. Some days I am lucky if I get enough time to splash on some mascara and fix my hair so I don’t look like the wicked witch from the west! However I do clean up nicely and when I go out of the house I promise I do not wear my pj’s – although I would certainly do it if it was acceptable!

Since Bella’s birth I have been uber jealous of her soft and cozy onesies I dress her in every night after her warm bath and have been on the hunt for something cute and comfy for myself. Sadly I hate anything on my feet, yes even in the winter you will never catch me wearing socks! So this problem of mine definitely hindered my onesie shopping choices as many I found in store had the feet built in or they just were not cute enough.

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Today Only: Free Shipping Day In Canada With No Minimum Purchase Needed


Today Canada is FREE SHIPPING DAY at many online retailers, it is the last crunch to order online packages and receive them before Christmas!

Many online retailers promise before Christmas delivery when you order before December 17th (always double check their holiday shipping as some retailers dates vary).

Below is a list of stores offering FREE SHIPPING today with NO MINIMUM purchase required!

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Bright Starts Toys = A Bright Christmas For The Little Ones On Your Gift List

Bright Starts_1

Christmas is one of my most favourite holidays aside from the birthdays of my three beautiful daughters. I love the excitement and sparkle in their eye when they open the gifts “Santa” and mommy has placed under the tree. Having three daughters; Abby who is 12, Hailee 9 and our sweet little Bella who will be the BIG ONE on December 27th I have experienced over a decade of toys! I am pretty well versed when it comes to things my children will like as well as other children.

The toys have changed over the years since my first daughter was a baby. With that said I will admit we still have some of the classics from Abby that her sister used as well did my nephew. They have made their way back to Bella and will continue to be passed through the family as long as they work which if they are still working after 12 years I think it is safe to say they are well built toys!

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The Perfect Gift For Your Glama Gal ~ Holiday Spa Specials & Events From Glama Gal Tween Spa

GlamaGal_logo Do you have a little one with a love for all things pink? Maybe she loves makeup, polish and being pampered.

I will admit I have 3 daughters and of the two who are old enough to speak, even though I am sure Bella will be bossing me around in no time, Hailee, my 9 year old, is my little diva! Abby likes the simple things in life, well not really that simple or cheap but she would rather be playing video games than applying moms makeup! Where Hailee takes more time in the bathroom each morning getting ready for school than I did when I was in my 20’s getting ready to go to the club!

I absolutely love the idea of gifting an experience to my children and these packages from Glama Gal Tween Spa are something I think Hailee and any girl would love!

These great gift ideas as well as events are happening at all Glama Gal Locations. They have locations in Vaughan, Ajax, Oakville, Newmarket, Toronto, Markham and Sudbury. If you can’t visit one, they also have an online store where they can ship to yourself or the recipient.

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Girls Activewear By Limeapple + #Giveaway #Review



My girls are very active, well when I can pry them off of their electronic devices that is! Hailee loves to bounce around my house, we actually don’t think she knows how to just walk. She is either hopping, skipping or running through the house. She loves to do gymnastics outside in the nice weather and inside when it is too cold out – thankfully we have very large living spaces, so lots of room!


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Holiday Deals At The Bay

Credit vs Interac Debit – What Do You Pull Out? #YourChoiceMatters

Interac Twitter Party Logo

With the holidays fast approaching I am on a serious budget plan. This year may be my toughest budget to date as we now have Bella who’s birthday just so happens to fall TWO DAYS after Christmas! Ya, that is a whole lot of fun. Okay truth be told, I have never had a Christmas baby and all I can keep thinking about is how extremely exhausted I am come December 27th after all the holiday parties, the travelling around city to city visiting family and friends, the food – for the love of god just thinking about all the food alone makes me tired and yet somehow I have to this year push through that “after-party” exhaustion I only thought I got rid of after my young, wild and crazy party days were over and find that spunk to throw this little princess an amazing first birthday completely separate of the holiday that will have just passed! If any of you have Christmas babies and want to send me love, prayers and maybe a few tips so I don’t end up in a strait jacket by the end of it all I would be forever grateful!

Okay enough whining about how crazy the holidays will be for me this year and back to that pesky budget! I am a saver, my partner the spender so I maintain a tight budget year round. Although I do hold two credit cards in my name, mainly for emergency purposes – like last year when we were without power for 5 days at Christmas and had to stay in a hotel, I try not to use them unless it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes when shopping online the only option to pay is with a Mastercard or Visa – and many times those same merchants don’t quite yet get the Debit Visa part of our bank cards. So in those instances I use my credit card.

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Holiday GIFTS MADE EASY With Shoppers Drug Mart #giftsmadeeasy

Shoppers Drug Mart Gifts Made Easy

I honestly can’t, well I kind of can, believe it is already November! Less than 8 shopping weeks left until the big man in red sneaks into our homes and leaves the perfect gifts for the kids!

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year. Aside from the snow and that crazy ice storm last year, which I can totally do without, I absolutely love getting together with my very big family and extended family to celebrate the holidays.

I am always excited to see the abundance of great and inspiring gift ideas Shoppers Drug Mart has each year for all those who have made my nice list this year – yes even Reggie somehow sneaks onto that list! This year they have made it even easier with their new gift finder which is available online. They really have become a great place to find fabulous fragrances, gorgeous gifts, yummy treats and the latest toys and electronics. Shoppers Drug Mart has GIFTS MADE EASY for everyone, so easy I need to be careful that I don’t go overboard!

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‎FurReal Friends‬ Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Review & Giveaway #FurRealFriends

FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin' Pup Growing up as a child I always had pets. Whether it was hamsters, fish or our many birds including a parrot, I always had a furry or feathered friend to play with. When we got a little older we were lucky enough to get two dogs; Spike and Toby. I can remember coming home from school and enjoying the time spent with our dogs. My children have also grown up around animals. Spike and Toby were around for a few years after I had Abby and Hailee so they too got the joy of the dogs I had grown up with. They also have had two dogs at my fathers home; Tia and Gizmo. Sadly their sweet Tia had to go to doggy heaven but the girls still see Gizmo when they visit. On Abby’s 10th birthday we bought her a dog which she named Dash – boy does he really suit that name, if he happens to “dash” past you and out the door you will be chasing him around the neighborhood for a while until he finally gives in and comes for a treat. [Read more…]

I Triple Dog Dare You – Dare2Give By The My Giving Moment Campaign #DareYou


Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others – Barbara Bush

That quote by Barbara Bush was written at the bottom of a letter of thanks that was given to me after I had donated a large amount of food and products to Cathedral Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. They run a non-profit program called the Annex which helps youth and their families who may be struggling to provide themselves or their family with food, hygiene products, clothing, furniture and more. They rely heavily on donations and I was very honored to have been a small part of helping those in my hometown.

A kind heart ALWAYS does a little BIT EXTRA – Chinese proverb

I am a true believer that when a person gives back, however big or small, our world is better for it. So many Canadians give their time, talent or money, and every time they give it truly makes Canada better! Research shows that one of the main reasons people choose to give is simply because someone asked them to. That in itself is the simple idea behind Dare2Give. Dare2Give is the latest in the My Giving Moment Campaign which was inspired by the Governor General of Canada. The most effective way to ask someone to do something is to dare them to. Can you imagine if each and every Canadian giver challenged just one other person to donate or volunteer a little of their time alongside them? I think our beautiful country would be much better for it!

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