21 Craft & Sensory Play Ideas For Babies & Toddlers

21 Craft & Sensory Play Ideas

Bella is at that age where she wants to touch everything and explore her surroundings. I love how curious and adventurous little ones are, I almost forgot what it was like after all these years!

Having worked in a private daycare I know how important it is for little ones to experiment, explore and expand their senses. Making a craft or having some fun with sensory play is a great way to entertain your little ones when the weather outside might keep you indoors. It is also an excellent way for them to learn and improve their fine motor skills.

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscle movements. This usually involves the synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes. Fine motor skills aid in the growth of intelligence and develop continuously throughout the stages of development.

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Trind Summer Inspired Nails & Tips + Giveaway #TrindNailTips

Trind Summer Inspired Nails & Tips_1

I’ve always been a major nail biter. I can recall as a young child my mother buying that awful tasting nail stuff to put on my nails in an attempt to get me to stop biting. Truth be told, I became used to the awful taste and after a while it became ineffective. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first daughter that my nails began to grow extremely long, strong and beautiful. Now I don’t know if it was the pregnancy or the fact that I really did my best not to bite, either way I was in love!

With having long nails comes the need to care for them. As a busy mom you can bet you won’t find me in the nail salon often getting a manicure. Not only do I not have the time, I would just rather spend my money on my kids!

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19 Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

19 Back To School Lunch Ideas

In two weeks the new school year begins for many here in Ontario. That is if the teachers do not strike, but we won’t get into any politics here on the blog!

Back to school means new backpacks, new outfits, new shoes and for us moms, means coming up with different and delicious lunch ideas to help fuel our little ones as they grow and learn. My older two girls are so different when it comes to food and lunches. My oldest daughter is very plain and would probably enjoy taking chicken nuggets for the whole school year. Hailee however loves to try new things and loves almost all food.

Having a picky eater brings challenges to a mom when packing lunches and I suggest if you have a picky eater to pack what you already know they like so they eat. If that means chicken nuggets for the whole school year so be it, I would rather a full belly then a hungry child!

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Hasbro Family Game Night Package Giveaway + Special Offer

Hasbro Family Game Night

Do you have a Family Game Night tradition?

For as long as I can remember my family has always had a Family Game Night. Growing up it was normally held on a Sunday night after we ate dinner. Over the years, as we grew older, our significant others would join in for dinner and some competitive gaming! Hasbro games were a huge part of our family game nights. From Monopoly to The Game of Life, Trouble to Scrabble we played them all, over and over again. As we grew older and moved away from home we still would venture back on Sundays for our traditional family dinner and game night.

Eventually I started a family and started my own traditions of a Family Game Night. Not as often as I would like, life with kids is hectic, but I am working on implementing a Sunday family game night for my girls like I had growing up!

Thanks to Hasbro, implementing Family Game Night in our home will be much easier with the amazing package they sent us to help encourage us to gather and play!

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Carefree Pantiliners Life Hacks – Giveaway Winners Announced

Essential Life Hacks With Carefree Pantiliners

A couple weeks ago I shared with you some of my favourite life hacks using Carefree pantiliners. I had a few great ideas for alternative uses, who knew a panty liner could have so many uses! I wanted to pick your brains and I gave you a challenge asking you to share with me some if your life hacks. I received so many amazing comments with some awesome life hacks.

Carefree asked me to select my favourite life hack, it was difficult to pick just one. So I picked a few that I thought were pretty creative!

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Playtex Baby Essentials That Make Life From Baby To Toddler A Breeze

Playtex Baby

I’ve been a mother for over 13 years. Wow, it is kind of crazy typing that as I wonder where have 13 years gone by? When my oldest daughter Abby was born there were not a lot of innovative products around like there is today. Things were pretty basic. When Hailee was born almost 3 years after Abby cool baby gear was just starting. I remember the swing Hailee had compared to Abby. Abby’s was pretty basic where fast forward 3 years and in came the cradle swings with sounds, lights and moving mobiles.

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Will You Help VarageSale And First Book Canada Donate Over 30,000 Books To Kids In Need?


I am SO HAPPY to share with you today an amazing partnership between VarageSale and First Book Canada that has the potential to bring literacy to kids in need!

Over the past few months I have introduced you all to my love of VarageSale. VarageSale is a platform where local and interest based groups form communities to buy, sell and hangout. Members of the groups list items for sale, comment on them and discuss whether they want to purchase. It’s a really fun way to meet people within the community and it’s less threatening than other forums where you purchase from complete strangers. VarageSale counts over a million members all over the world!

I am a member of many communities in my local area as well as in my hometown of Hamilton. I have found some amazing deals as well as unloaded a lot of things we no longer need all while meeting some amazing people in my community!

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Checkout 51: Sneak Peek At Offers For July 30 – August 5, 2015


Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.

These offers will go live on the app at 12:00 AM EST on Thursday July 30th.

They will expire at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday August 5th.

Here are this weeks Checkout 51 Rebate Offers:

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Summer VIP Pass Giveaway #MenchiesMyWay

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

My family has a tiny obsession with Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Okay, I lied, it is actually kind of a BIG obsession! With summer in full swing we are always looking for fun and tasty ways to beat the heat. Thankfully we live super close to our local Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt shop. When I say super close I mean I can walk there in under 10 minutes! My whole family enjoys heading over to our local Menchie’s which is located in the Rutherford Marketplaces Plaza in Richmond Hill.

With an abundance of topping options, both healthy ones and ones that I let my girls pick as special treats the creation options are endless! From berries to nuts, sours and sweets, Menchie’s has you covered for whatever your palate craves.

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Save More Than $50 Per Year With Danone DanOn Coupons

Danone Coupons

Saving money is an important part of my job as the main shopper for my family. From groceries to clothing and more I am always on the lookout for the best deals on things my family need.

I’ll be honest, I have been slacking a bit lately on couponing and using my rebate apps BUT I have still been price matching. Life has become a bit hectic, especially with Bella learning to walk. She needs more of my attention and I haven’t yet found a great way to manage my time between my children, blog work and the need to coupon. Although I still have a massive stockpile of many things, I am going to have to try a little harder to squeeze in the time to start couponing again as I am not too happy with my grocery bill lately!

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