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Cut The Cable And Join The INL3D Android Streaming Box Revolution! #Review

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Today I am going to introduce you to a new way to watch all your favourite TV Shows, sports, events like UFC, movies and more for FREE and 100% legal!

Turn your television into the ultimate media streaming home entertainment system. The INL3D Media Streaming Player keeps the focus on entertainment by streaming media and has the widest variety of video content, channels, downloadable apps and add-ons. Stream content from online, keep in touch with your friends on Facebook and so much more.

The days of paying outrageous amounts for cable is over – cut that cable cord! INL3D’s Android streaming box is your ticket to money in your pocket. Instead of paying 100′s of dollars each month to your local cable company you really need to pick up the phone, thank them for their service to you over the years and tell them you have found something better and less expensive.

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Great Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Ages At

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Last year during the holidays Walmart was my go-to for great affordable gifts for all the little ones in my life. This year we have three new additions to our family; our daughter Bella, my sisters new son Luka and Steve’s sister recently had a sweet little boy too! In total, including my own three children, there are 8 children in our immediate family to buy for. has an amazing selection of gift ideas for kids of all ages at prices that won’t break the bank!

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Check Out The Amazing Selection Of LEGO On

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I know, I know, I cringe too at the thought of a late night groggy walk down to the bathroom or to scoop up the crying baby and OUCH, LEGO strikes again. However the kids love it and that is what matters right? That and knowing one day when they grow up and become parents they will get their payback for all the years we stepped on LEGO pieces!

Walmart Lego

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Glama Gal Tween Spa Presents: Hallow’Tween Party & More Plus #Giveaway

Glama Gal Hallow'Tween Party

Ah Halloween, my second favourite time of the year! I have fond memories of trick-or-treating as a child, my mom having the SCARIEST house on the block each and every year and of course now as a mom of 3 beautiful daughters I get to relive all of my favourite parts of Halloween through them – which includes eating their candy and chocolates while they sleep!

I am proud and relieved to say that my oldest, Abby, has decided to shed her annual “vampire” costume – yes she has been a vampire for a good 3-5 years, and be something different! She is going out 80′s style and I shopped my local thrift stores for hot neon colours and will be teasing her long thick locks into a hair raising 80′s style!

Hailee also surprised me this year by not wanting to be some sort of princess. After all, this coming from a child I have on video throwing one heck of a tantrum as a toddler that I didn’t name her Belle after the most beautiful princess of all time and that she wanted me to change her name to Belle immediately. She will be going out as a cowgirl this year and I found a great jean jacket that I cut the sleeves off to make a vest as well as a checkered long sleeve top at my local thrift shop!

This year will be Bella’s first Halloween and aside from cheesies the babe can’t really eat many treats being only 10 months by the time Halloween is here so this means lots for mommy and daddy! She is going out as a Snow Leopard of sorts, the costume I bought off a mom in one of my local buy/sell groups on Facebook.

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Checkout 51: Sneak Peek At Offers For October 16 – 22, 2014



Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.

        These offers will go live on the app at 12:00 AM EST on Thursday October 16th.
        They will expire at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday October 22nd.

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Halloween Mason Jar Cupcakes #Recipes

Halloween Mason Jar Cupcakes_main

Halloween has always been a big deal in our family. My mother’s home was always one of the scariest on the streets, it took lots of convincing from their parents for little kids to come up and get their candy. Those that were scared to come but after some convincing found their bravery were given double the candy!

Things have changed a bit over the years. We use to always get together with the kids, head to “Nanny Laura’s” scary house and trick-or-treat in her neighborhood, however now that my mother sold her home and moved with us to Richmond Hill, my sister and brother back in Hamilton, we don’t get together on Halloween anymore. So Thanksgiving weekend is jam packed with my sisters birthday, Thanksgiving dinner and getting the kids in their Halloween costumes to have a mini Halloween party.

This year I decided instead of making regular cupcakes or buying a cake to celebrate my sisters birthday I would make these super cute Halloween mason jar cupcakes! They were a huge hit with the kids and us bigger kids too.

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Pampers Gifts To Grow: 50 Point Bonus Code #PampersRewards

Pampers Rewards

Here is a Pampers Gifts to Grow Code worth 50 Bonus Points

Enter code: 50WICFSCL201415


Life This Fall Without Petroleum: Could You Imagine? #QualityEssentials

This post was brought to you by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herin are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

This fall as the days are cooler and the nights colder, as I prepare for our annual Thanksgiving celebrations and currently fight off one heck of a nasty cold (thanks back to school germs) I begin to realize how much petroleum plays a HUGE role in my life, in all our lives.

I will admit prior to this I was pretty ignorant to it all and if you asked me what products I use that are made from petroleum I maybe could have listed a handful. After actually looking into it I was honestly astounded with how many things we use each and every day, how many things we rely on, come from crude oil.

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Win A White iPad Mini 16GB From Extreme Couponing Mom & Sponsors #Giveaway

ECM's iPad Mini 16gb Giveaway2


Here we go, your SECOND chance to win an iPad Mini!!!

I have teamed up with 22 wonderful, talented, amazing, creative, fun and hilarious Canadian Bloggers to bring you two amazing giveaways where you will have a chance to enter to win 1 of 2 iPad Mini 16GB.

You can find the first iPad Mini 16GB (in Space Grey) and enter for your chance to win that one here, plus enter below for your chance to win our second iPad Mini 16GB in White!

You won’t have to worry if you win how you will protect your new iPad because we are also throwing in a case in each of the giveaways should you be the lucky one to WIN!

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Win A Space Grey iPad Mini 16GB From Extreme Couponing Mom & Sponsors #Giveaway

ECM's iPad Mini 16gb Giveaway

Oh do I have a treat for you … no actually I have TWO treats for you, the second will be posted tomorrow!

I have teamed up with 22 wonderful, talented, amazing, creative, fun and hilarious Canadian Bloggers to bring you two amazing giveaways where you will have a chance to enter to win 1 of 2 iPad Mini 16GB. This is the first giveaway, the second will be posted on October 1, 2014!

It gets even better because we are also throwing in a case to protect your new baby should you be the lucky one to WIN!

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