Coupon Policies

Coupon Policies


Ever get to the checkout and the cashier won’t let you use a coupon? Won’t let you price match? Manager gives you a hard time? Become familiar with your local stores coupon policies in my free downloadable eBook “Extreme Couponing Mom’s Canadian Coupon Policies” Print your stores policies by selecting the page of the policy you want to print in your printer options or print the whole eBook. Place your policies in sheet protectors in your coupon binder so you will never be without a policy should you run into a problem at a store.

Please note policies can change without notice and I do my best to keep this book updated with any new policies or changes. If you see a store policy not included in the book and would like it included feel free to email me the name of the store and I will do my best to get their policy should they have one and add it to the book.

If with policy in hand you still experience difficulty at a store and speaking to a manager gets you nowhere my suggestion is to call that stores head office while in the store and have them inform the manager/supervisor of their policy if you are in the right.

My Coupon Policies eBook is 29 Chapters in length and has 29 Store Coupon Policies.

Originally written in July 2011, this new revised version of the original eBook has been re-written and updated as of August 11, 2012.