DIY Magical Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Magical Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornament

  • Author: Aimee Geroux


The kids will have a blast making a Magical Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornament, and they make great gifts for the kids to give to their aunt’s, uncle’s, and grandparents too!



  1. Remove the twine that comes on the wood slice.

  2. Paint the wood slice white or any pastel colour. Allow paint to dry completely.

  3. Cut ears from felt and inner ears from bright pink felt. Refer to the photo.

  4. Glue the bright pink inner ear to the felt ear.

  5. Fold the ear at the middle and add a dab of glue towards the bottom and pinch to shape the ear. Refer to the photo.

  6. Cut two identical unicorn horn shapes from gold glitter foam. Glue pieces together back to back.

  7. Glue horn on top of the wood slice.

  8. Next, glue the ears on top of the wood slice.

  9. Attach your flower and leaves sequins to the top of the unicorn with glue.

  10. Use a black paint pen to add eyes with lashes to the unicorn. You can use pink paint pens to add rosy cheeks if you want to.

  11. Turn the ornament over and glue twine or ribbon to the back for hanging.

  12. Your ornament is finished and ready to be the star of the tree! These make adorable Christmas gifts.