Easy Step By Step Guide To Earning SwagBucks


Want to earn FREE Gift Cards, FREE Prizes, FREE PayPal Cash & More???

  What Is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is a search engine that rewards you with “SwagBucks” for searching online among many other opportunities to complete for SwagBucks. You can use it just like Google for searching and you will be randomly awarded SwagBucks for searching. These SwagBucks can then be redeemed for a variety of FREE items like Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Prizes and a lot more!

  How Do I Sign Up For SwagBucks?

It’s very simple just fill out the form on the SwagBucks Website and you’re in.

  Does It Really Work?

YES! I’ve earned many Gift Cards plus lots of PayPal Cash from them since becoming a member. And I’m not alone ~ I know dozens of friends who also are reaping the great rewards SwagBucks has to offer their members!

Install the SwagBucks Toolbar

You can conduct internet searches directly on the SwagBucks homepage. Or, you can make it much easier on yourself and just install the SwagBucks toolbar. Then when you want or need to search for something you can just go to the SwagBucks toolbar and search! As well you will sometimes receive notifications of free SwagBucks codes in the toolbar which you can then enter on the homepage of your SwagBucks account to collect the SwagBucks.

Follow the SwagBucks Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter

If you’re not following the SwagBucks blog, Facebook Page or Twitter you’re missing out on many opportunities to snag free SwagBucks codes. They release free codes on these places often. Plus you will be up-to-date about giveaways they are running and anything that is new at SwagBucks.

SwagBucks Blog

SwagBucks on Facebook

SwagBucks on Twitter

Printable Coupons

If you are planning on printing SmartSource printable coupons head on over to the SwagBucks printable coupon area and print from there. You will get 1 Swag Buck per print and to a limit of 12 Swag Bucks a month per user. Do note EXCESSIVE printing without redemption may result in loss of Swag bucks and even account deactivation. May take up to 12 weeks after redemption for Swag Bucks to show in your account.  

Bookmark Pages You Visit Every Day & Search The Web

If you have sites that you visit every day such as Extremecouponingmom.ca, Facebook, Hotmail, ect. search for those on SwagBucks and then bookmark the results page. Then all you have to do is go to the bookmarked results page every day instead of going to the SwagBucks site and it will instantly re-search for the page and you are very likely to rack up a few randomly-awarded SwagBucks search wins.

Also you can visit the SwagBucks website and search directly in their search bar or by using your Toolbar (above). Simply enter in a phrase, celebrity, website, brand ect and search to be randomly awarded SwagBucks.

Watch Swagbucks TV

Click on “Swagbucks TV” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab. You have to watch 10 different videos and then you will earn three Swagbucks.

Take the Daily Poll

Each day SwagBucks offers a very quick poll just click on “Poll” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab then choose your answer and you will earn one SwagBuck. Pretty easy right?

Perform Tasks

SwagBucks has a list of different tasks you can complete online to earn SwagBucks. Click on “Tasks” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab. Every task is different and they will tell you at the start how many minutes the task will generally take to complete. This is one of the more time consuming ways to earn but if you have free time and don’t mind doing it it is a great way to rack up those points faster!

Complete Special Offers

Click on “Special Offers” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab in there you will find lists with the numerous offers you can complete to earn SwagBucks.

Complete Trusted Surveys

Click on “Trusted Survey” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab in there you will find survey opportunities. If you qualify and fully complete the survey you will be awarded SwagBucks

View NOSO’s (No Obligation Special Offers)

Click on “NOSO” in the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab to view no obligation special offers. Once you click through viewing all the NOSO’s you will be awarded with SwagBucks. You are not obligated to complete any of these offers to earn SwagBucks but if one does interest you, you can earn extra SwagBucks for signing up for it.


Once you are signed up you will be able to start referring your friends and family to SwagBucks. You can find your special referral link as well as widgets you can place on your blog or website so people can join through it and you will earn up to 1,000 SwagBucks from each referral in the Promote Banners area.