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Admin Aimee

a1Hello everyone, I’m Aimee the owner of this website and the Facebook Fan Page. I’m a mother who loves to save money and try new and exciting products. I started this website as many of my close friends and family were constantly asking me how I was doing this whole couponing thing. It quickly grew into more than just a page for my friends and family to go to get their answers. In May of 2011 I was contacted and asked to be interviewed on air which was for a segment on Kiss 92.5 with Roz from The Roz and Mocha Show about Extreme Couponing where they were talking to Diva Desiree from TLC’s Extreme Couponing and wanted a Canadian Couponer to weigh in as many people think it is not possible to do what they do here in Canada.  Well IT IS I am proof! I also have done an interview for an online magazine with CT Media on couponing which was published in July 2011 as well as a blog interview with Extreme Coupon Canada. In September 2011 I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in shooting a casting video for a pilot show that may possibly air on the W Network should it get the go-ahead! In October 2011 I shot the casting video with two amazing camera men from the production company and now it is just a waiting game to see if the show goes through. If it does and they like me and my video I could very well be coming to a television near you in the future! I have always used coupons over the years but never to the level that I am using them now. I started to get more serious when we moved to the GTA from Hamilton. I was spending upwards of $200.00 a week on groceries not even including personal products or cleaners due to the cost difference living in this city. I knew something had to be done! That is when I started reading, actually reading other people’s ideas and tips on saving money. I continued to order coupons like I always had but now every time I went to a store my eye were peeled for tear-pads! I started trading coupons and joining coupon trains. I read the weekly hot deals and then people’s posts on what they bought and how little they spent. I was hooked! I planned my first shopping trip in February 2011, and saved over 300.00 getting 90% of my items for tax only! I do not hoard items as I live in a two bedroom apartment; we have a stock shelf in the dining room where I keep our food and household cleaning products as well as another shelving unit which holds our personal products. I keep bathroom cleaners and such in the bathroom cabinet. I do not buy items I will not use or need however if I am getting the item totally FREE no tax nothing I will pick the item up knowing I can give it to a family member or donate to a local shelter. Whenever my friends come over I always ask if they need anything and let them “shop” they all love it and find my habit quite amusing. Hopefully you can learn along with me as I take this journey of couponing to save me money, help others save money and get the best deals out there! Feel free to have a look around the site and my Facebook Fan Page. I update the Fan Page frequently through the day with samples, freebies, giveaways, coupons and more! The site is updated on a weekly basis. Any questions please feel free to see the FAQ page or contact me via the Contact page!

      ~ Aimee


Admin Jenn

j1Hi there, My Name is Jenn – A Stay at home mother of three; Madison, Mason and Chance. I am married to The Most wonderful Man (Chad) and we live in Southern Alberta. I like Alberta, but I am originally from Newfoundland – raised in a beautiful little community overlooking the water of about 64 people. Not 64 hundred, not 64 thousand – just plain old 64 – and I CAN’T wait to get back there!! Couponing WILL make that happen!! Every coupon I redeem brings us one step closer to my husband retiring early and moving back home. Instead of spending $1000 a month on groceries and baby items – I spend less than $100 and that brings us $900 closer to our dream!! I don’t coupon because I’m cheap – I coupon because I LOVE money and I don’t like to give it away!! I have always used coupons, as long as I can remember. When I first met my husband, he would laugh and poke fun at me and my coupon usage. If I sent him to the store with a coupon, he’d always return bags in hand, coupons in pocket!! That is of course until he saw just what I can do!! His first eye opening experience is when we were having our first child. Every time I would go to our doctor’s office I would grab one or two of the diaper samples from the bin on the reception desk – each had a couple coupons for diapers and wipes. One day mid pregnancy, we were at Wal-mart together, and there was a GREAT deal on Huggies Baby wipes – an amazing $1.84!!!! There were TONNES of them, a whole pallet on the floor!! I picked up 50!! He just gave me a bit of a look. We got to the check out and the cashier rang them in….. $98!! Yep – babies are expensive he said as he reached for his wallet!!! Before he could get to his wallet – I handed the cashier my 50 x $1.50 coupons from the doctor’s office samples…. Before you know it my total was under $20!!!! From that day forward- he was hooked too!! Now we BOTH love coupons – I’ve even caught him texting pictures of our stockpile to his friends!! Lol I have acquired a stock pile valued at over $10,000 including enough food, diapers, baby wipes and baby formula to sustain my family of 5 for well over a year. Donating to local charities is also very important to us and is another reason we love couponing. It’s a great feeling to give back especially when it costs nothing to do it!! A win-win for all. Not only do I love saving – but I want to help people save as well…. every time I shop I eye the carts of the people around me, handing them coupons for their cart items – I love the look on their face when I hand the coupons!! I preach couponing to everyone I know and almost all have converted, also I invite everyone I know to shop at “The Jenn Store”. Couponing is the way to go – we hope you can learn from Aimee and me as we share what we know. I always say “If You Don’t Save $$$, it don’t make cents!!!”

      ~ Jenn


Admin Heather

h1Hello everyone ! I watched Extreme Couponing one night, and thought wow, can this be done in Canada ?  So I went and I googled extreme couponing Canada  and the rest is in the history books.  I came across Aimee and her wonderful site.  I could not believe it.  I must have spent three hours just reading the webpage and fan page   Not only was I in awe of the money saved, and pictures of her shopping trips and stockpile, but I was also impressed with her donations.  I have saved $3000.00 since finding extremecouponingmom.ca in August … all because of Aimee !! I am a single mother of a 16 year old daughter.  I work full-time as Manager and Senior Tax Profession for two H&R Block offices.  I also teach the courses needed to be certified as a tax preparer, and just recently finished my certification to prepare U.S Taxes.  If that wasn’t enough I am also going to school (very slowly) to get a General Accounting Degree.   I am an incurable insomniac, that sleeps about 3 hours a night.  To fill my time in, I also enter contests regularly.  To date, since August, I have won over $2500 in stuff !!  In my spare time, I also enjoy reading, and trivia.  I am an information junkie … knowledge is power ! ( and good to know random stuff for contests !) I had occasionally used coupons before, but not much, and not the right way.  This site taught me so much, I am not a cheap person – the opposite actually !  However, the best thing about couponing, is being able to afford the other stuff that is not on sale.  I love that my daughter has not once said, ” Mooooommmmm, we are out of shampoo !” Ha !  I got that covered, and deodorant, and razors, and shaving cream, and body soap, and toothpaste, and Kotex, and on and on.  Its a peace of mind knowing that I am fully stocked on these items and don’t have to worry about running out ! I have given away so much stuff to friends, family and co-workers … I love being in that position !!  It feels good to be able to do that. I love helping people and getting them to know and love coupons.  I have given this website to so many cashiers and customers in line, and have given mini seminars right there as I am being cashed out !!!  The other day at work, as I was filing 2 years of taxes for a client, she saw my coupon binder, and we talked coupons the whole time !! I love sharing what I have learned.  Everyone should coupon !

      ~ Heather